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  • patRungsit hospitalAbout Cosmetic Gynecology, nowadays, it is accepted that the science of medicine does not only cure and prevent diseases but also enhances one’s body. Cosmetic Surgery is a good example. It has contributed much to the improvement of the personality, self – confidence, and quality of life of individuals, especially women, around the globe. It is popular in countries like Korea, England, and other western countries and it has been gradually accepted in Thailand as well.
  • Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery is a field in Cosmetic Surgery that aims to enhance the self – confidence, fulfillment, and quality of life of women. It has continued to gain a following all over the world. In England alone, the number of cases of Labia Minora Reduction increased by 67%, from 669 cases in 2007 to 1,118 cases in 2008. However, this surgery is still new to the Thai people but is already being considered as one way to improve a woman’s well-being.
  • patRungsit  has seen an increase in the number of clients coming for Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery procedures similar to other countries. Due to this, the Hospital has established a one-stop shop service where all Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery procedures and auxiliary services are located on the same floor, simplifying the whole process from admission to discharge. This has facilitated and enhanced the overall experience of potential clients. This has also increased the level of privacy for each patient which most clients desire.
  • To fulfil its aim to help women who need to improve their self – confidence and quality of life, the Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery department of Yanhee International Hospital works to provide the following:


Cosmetic Gynecology : Up – to – Date Technology

The Cosmetic Gynecology Surgery of patRungsit Hospital uses the following up – to – date technology to provide the patient with the most suitable treatment:

  1. Labia Minora Reduction using Lase
  2. Vangioplasty using Laser; with or without incision
  3. Urinary incontinence treatment using Laser; with or without incision

The Hospital Standardization

  • patRungsit Hospital has been accredited by the Thai public health nationally (HA). This ensures patient confidence.
  • Our Hospital has worked hard to provide a one-stop shop standardized Cosmetic  Gynecology Surgery service  with highly trained, experienced, and skilled personnel using up – to – date, suitable technology to ensure utmost patient satisfaction.


patRungsit Hospital Cosmetic Gynecology Center aims to serve more patients coming from different parts of the world as their satisfied patients and other agencies spread the word of its world-class, standardized, quality, and compassionate services.