General Notes and Precautions


  • Vaginoplasty aims to tone and tighten lax and overly stretched vaginal muscles and tissues by removing excess posterior vaginal mucosa to correct defects in the posterior vaginal wall and to narrow the diameter of the vagina which results to a smaller and tighter vaginal canal, thus permitting greater sensation during sexual experience.
  • The tightening is done in the entire length of the vagina and not merely in the opening few centimeters, differing from the superficial perineoplasty repair. However, this procedure also has its limitations to narrow the diameter of the vagina which results to a smaller and tighter vaginal canal and opening in the women with multiple deliveries.
  • Like any other surgeries, Vaginoplasty has limitations and cannot absolutely ensure results and satisfaction because there are many other factors affecting the surgery’s success. Discussing the surgery with the spouse or partner is recommended. Abstinence from sexual intercourse 8 weeks after the surgery is required.
  • In case of unexpected surgical results or complications, corrective surgery is an option and will be discussed between you and the physician.


  • Dr. Vitasna will investigate your Health History, conduct a general check-up and internal check-up. 
  • Vaginal, fungal or bacterial infection should be treated before the procedure to avoid post-operative wound infection.
  • The procedure is not recommended to those who have immunodeficiency and must not become pregnant nor plan to become pregnant in the next 3 months despite no research about the disadvantage to the pregnancy and the newborn.
  • In case of existing diseases or drug allergies, please inform the staff before the procedure.
  • Dr. Vitasna will educate you with the processes of the procedure and some potential post-operative complications prior to decision-making.
  • One of the most important preparations you should know is that you should refraining from work, rest and be still for at least 3 days after the procedure to hasten wound healing.  Avoid constipation to reduce pressure on the vaginal wall. Refrain from heavy physical activities to avoid wound disruption.

After the surgery, you should refrain from heavy exercises affecting pelvic muscle movement, such as speed running, yoga, swimming, sit-ups, and weight lifting. Sexual intercourse may be presumed 8 weeks after the procedure.

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