Risks, Side Effects and Complications

1) Pain after TVT-O Technique

  • Pain around the thighs may be experienced 2-3 days after your procedure, which will completely heal in one week. Take your pain medicines and antiinflammatory drug as prescribed by Dr. Vitasna.
  • Occasionally, you may experience swelling, itchiness, irritation or tightness around the thigh(s) and surgical wound. You should refrain from working because it may cause bruising. In case of swelling and severe pain at surgical area, please do not hesitate to come to see Dr. Vitasna.

2) Urinary frequency or difficulty in urination after TVT-O Technique

  • Urinary frequency or difficulty in urination may be noted due to the surgery of the anterior vaginal wall which affects the bladder and urethra. As a result of the difficulty in urination after the surgery, you may be catheterized for 1-2 days after the surgery.
  • Then, after the catheter removal, you are given instructions for bladder training to make sure the bladder works normally, then Dr. Vitasna will allow you to return home.
  • After the surgery, you may sometimes experience urinary frequency, slow urinary flow, longer time of urination (compared with that before the surgery).

3) Abnormal bleeding after TVT-O Technique

  • Abnormal bleeding is very seldom noted with less than 1 % of surgeries. Hematoma may possibly be caused by walking and other activities. Aspirin and other anti-coagulant drugs should be avoided at least 10 days before and after the scheduled surgery.
  • If excessive bleeding from the surgical wound occurs after surgery, all expenses for services and treatment for this post-surgical complication will no longer be charged to you. However, if the bleeding or other complications occur due to your non-compliance with the physician’s orders, you will be charged accordingly.

4) Abnormal Vaginal discharges after the TVT-O Technique

  • You may experience light reddish bleeding out of the vagina in around 1-2 weeks after the procedure. After 2 weeks you may have abnormal vaginal discharges, as a result of the reaction to the suture material(s). And the suture material(s) is absorbable, taking 6-8 weeks for complete absorbtion. --That why this may cause the abnormal vaginal discharge  for up to 6-8 weeks; if the discharge is smelly, you have to take additional medications.

5) Inflammation or Infection after the TVT-O Technique

  • You may experience inflammation or infection because the surgery is performed around the area of the vaginal opening near urinary and alimentary (fecal) tracts and the surgical wound has a constant contact with vaginal secretion( fluid ) and vaginal bacteria that can cause the complications.
  • Mostly inflammation or infection of the wound occurs in the woman who has vaginal bacterial infection before the surgery. If you have vaginal bacterial infection, the antibiotics should be given to you before the TVT-O surgery.
  • Inflammation or infection of the wound may cause complications, wound deformation, suture mark (scar) or wound tearing, leading to abnormal bleeding. In case of the vaginal scar located at the G-Spot may interrupt the sexual gratification.
  • After the procedure, you may have abnormal vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) as a result of vaginal fungi, possibly following taking antibiotics to avoid post-operative infection and needing anti-fungal mdication or suppository.

6) Other complications

  • In cases of the TVT-O tape moving from the middle urethra which affects the surgical result and the post-operative difficulty in urination, a corrective surgery may be needed--this mostly happens in other cases done with other surgeries, such as Anterior-Posterior Vaginal Repair with TVT-O.
  • Leakage between urethra, bladder and vagina is theoretically considered a rare precaution. Nevertheless, if you have some vaginal fluid with urine-like smell, please inform Dr. Vitasna immediate for prompt diagnosis and treatment of such symptom.

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