The Procedure


  • In the appointment day, you will be informed of the procedure details again. You may ask Dr. Vitasna for any additional information including consent forms and post-operative instruction form.
  • In case of uncertainty, doubt, worry, or unconfidence for the reason of not informing relatives or husband of the procedure, you should postpone the procedure appointment.
  • You have to refrain from drinking water or food for at least 6 hours prior to the surgery in order to decrease the risk of food remaining suffocation during or after the procedure.


  •  The surgery will be performed in our Operating Room for 30 minutes -1 hour under general anesthesia by our board-certified anesthesiologist.
  • During your sleeping, Dr. Vitasna will begin to perform the surgery at the area of the anterior vaginal wall with the surgical wound length of about 1.5 cm. Then a special instrument will be used to insert the tension-free vaginal tape through the wound to bind (support) beneath the middle urethra, and the tape will be inserted outside via the Obturator Foramen to get outside both sides of your thigh (see illustration).
  • This procedure is called “Tension- Free” because the slings are not sutured into the muscle, fascia or bone. Then the wound at the anterior of vaginal wall will be sutured with absorbable suture along the wound length. After the surgery you needs to put a vagina gauze pack in the vagina in 24 hours after the procedure to stop the bleeding and you need to be catheterized (urinary) for 1-2 day.


  • After the procedure, you will be monitored at recovery room for 1 hour. When you are conscious with normal vital sign, the anesthesiologist will allow you to be monitored in In-patient Building.
  • Nausea and vomiting may be experienced, as a side effect of the general anesthesia, but which is noted to be relieved as soon as its effect wears off.
  • In In-patient Building, you will take antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drug to lessen the wound pain, acetaminophen and laxative drug. Inc ase of you have no recovery from the acetaminophen drug, you should inform the nurse for the analgesic injection.
  • Within the first day of the procedure, you should not take a shower which may potentially cause infection ( –perhaps rub the body dry–).–; you are allowed to take a shower a day after the procedure or after the removal of the urinary catheter.

In the 1st-3rd days of the surgery, Dr. Vitasna will  allow you to return home after the following things are checked…. 

  1. You are asked to well review post-operative instruction care.
  2. You can have urinated by herself after the Urinary catheter removal.
  3. No abnormal bleeding occurs from the vagina after the vaginal gauze packing removal.

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