Suprapubic Uterine Suspension

Suprapubic Uterine Suspension

General Notes and Precautions


  • Suprapubic Uterine Suspension is indicated for pelvic tissue defects and Uterine Malposition (Uterine Retroversion). It aims to suspend the uterus and the cervix to its nearly normal position by shortening and strengthening the round ligaments (supportive vaginal wall). It keeps the uterus from descending into (and out of) the vagina.
  • Like any other surgeries, the Suprapubic Uterine Suspension has limitations and cannot absolutely ensure results and satisfaction because there are many other factors affecting the surgery’s success. Incase of unexpected surgical results or complications, corrective surgery is an option and will be discussed between you and the physician.


  • Dr. Vitasna will investigate your Health history, conduct a general check-up and internal check-up. However, it is not allowed for the woman with immunodeficiency and you must not become pregnant nor plan to become pregnant in the next future despite no research about the disadvantage to the pregnency and the newborn.
  • In case of existing diseases or drug hypersensitivity, please inform the staff before the procedure.
  • Dr. Vitasna will educate you with the processes of procedure and some potential post-operative complications prior to decision-making.
  • One of the most important preparations you should know is that you should take a rest (refraining from work) and be still for at least 2-3 days after the procedure to enable the wound and avoid wound disruption.
  • After the surgery, you should refrain from some types of exercise affecting pelvic muscle movement, such as speed running, yoga, swimming, sit-ups, weight training for lower part of the body and sexual intercourse for 6 week.

You don’t needs to worry for disorders or complications are in a low rate. You may return to work within 3-5 days. There is no risk of sexual feeling. You should follow Dr.Vitasna appointment for examination or treatment in case of initial complications to avoid worsening.

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