Incisionless Vaginal Tightening

Incisionless Vaginal Tightening

Incisionless Vaginal Tightening treatment is a safe procedure with no adverse effects and minimal discomfort.

Compared to other minimally invasive laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation, this procedure avoids all the unwanted side effects. Patients return to normal sexual activity for quite a long time. Some common occurrences in invasive laser therapy include dyspareunia, scarring, infection, post operative bleeding or suture dehiscence.

The Incisionless Vaginal Tightening treatment is quick and easy to perform in ambulatory conditions. One treatment session needs approximately 25-30 mins.

Vaginal Relaxation

Vaginal Relaxation is a medical condition that is often described as a loss of the optimal vaginal structure associated with vaginal child delivery, multiple pregnancies, the onset of menopause in aging which causes hormones to decline and the vagina begins to atrophy.

Many women refer to vaginal relaxation as a “loose vagina”.  Husbands or partners describe a loose vagina as a loss in vaginal tightness and reduction of friction during intercourse.

Various Treatments

There are different treatment options for vaginal tightening:

Non- invasive Therapies include Behavioral Treatment through Kegel exercises and Pharmacological Treatment by using hormones and tightening creams and sprays.  Although these are safe, they have limited efficacy.

Invasive Surgical Procedures give promising and better results.  However, it is associated with risks. Surgical procedures involve cutting and rearranging of tissues to reduce the size of the vaginal wall. It involves the risks of scarring, nerve damage and decreased sensation with a long and painful recovery period.

Incisionless Vaginal Tightening Procedure

Incisionless Vaginal Tightening is a non ablative, thermal only treatment procedure. Laser energy is being delivered to the vaginal canal and introitus area. Heated tissues and collagen contract and shrink then the treated tissues becomes tighter, enriched with new collagen, appear younger, tighter and more elastic, thus, vaginal laxity is being reduced.

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