Labia Majora/Mons Pubis Filling

Labia Majora/Mons Pubis Filling

The Procedure


  • During your appointment, you are going to meet Dr. Vitasna for discussion. You will be informed of the procedure details again. You may ask Dr. Vitasna for any additional information including consent forms and post-procedure suggestion form.
  • You may also be asked about your expectations for treatment and if you have any allergies or any condition that would not make you a good candidate for the procedure, as well as other additional inquiries. In case of uncertainty, doubt, worry, or for being uncomfortable for any reason, you should postpone the procedure.
  • If you are a good candidate for the procedure, our medical staff will help you sign and review the proper consent forms and post-operative instruction form. Once everything is complete and in order, a nurse will take you to one of the operating rooms.


  • You have to refrain from drinking water or food for at least 6 hours prior to the surgery in order to decrease the risk of aspirating gastric contents during or after surgery. This complication is very serious and you need to strictly follow our recommendations.
  • The procedure is performed in our operating room for approximately 30 minutes under intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia by our board-certified anesthesiologist.
  • You will be in the same manner as if you were “getting a PAP smear”. While you are sleeping, a small needle will be used to deliver a small amount of local anesthetic in the filled area of the Mons Pubis/Labia Majora. Afterwards, an amount of filler will be injected on the desired area.


  • Afterwards, you will be monitored for 1 hour at the recovery room. When you are conscious with no bleeding around the treatment area, the physician will allow you to return home.
  • After the procedure, there is no recovery time needed. You can continue your work right after the procedure.
  • The rate of post-treatment complications is extremely low especially when performed by an experienced physician.

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