Labia Majora/Mons Pubis Filling

Labia Majora/Mons Pubis Filling

Post-Operative Home Care

  • You should drink 6-8 glasses of water daily to stabilize the injected filler. You may experience reddish spots or dark bruises within 3-7 days after the procedure just before complete healing.
  • Avoid massaging the treatment site and avoid applying pressure to the area for a few days following injection to avoid risk of product mobility.
  • Ice may be applied for a short period if the treated area is swollen.
  • You should minimize exposure of the treated area to heat or extreme cold at least until any initial swelling and redness has been resolved.

Potential adverse reactions

  • Adverse effects include inflammation, swelling, pain, tenderness, hardening of tissues, erythema, and infection. Infection should be treated as soon as possible because if untreated, it may progress into complications such as abscess formation.
  • The women who have experienced allergic reactions should consider the cause and significance of the reactions before re-treatment.

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