Post-Operative Care

  • You must take all antibiotic prescribed to prevent post-operative infection.  Anti-inflammatory medication and acetaminophen will be prescribed to lessen the wound pain and the inflammation.
  • You may take a shower on the 2nd-3rd day after the surgery.  You should clean the surgical area at the perineum area with soap daily when you are taking a shower in the morning or before bedtime. You are not allowed to put anything inside of the vagina.
  • Within 2 weeks after the surgery, cleaning the surgical wound after urinating may be done with sanitary wipes and after fecal excretion done using water and toweling gently. You should try to avoid moisture around the surgical wound to let it heal faster.
  • You may experience light reddish bleeding out of the vagina in around 1-2 weeks after the procedure, and you should use a sanitary napkin to monitor the bleeding.  In case of excessive bleeding or reddish blood clot, swollen wound and high fever, please contact the Center or come to see Dr. Vitasna for the surgical wound assessment.
  • For the Hymenoplasty with mini-Perineoplasty, you may have abnormal vaginal discharge, green-yellowish discharge after the procedure because the vagina is full of secretions and various kinds of bacteria, causing reaction to the surgical wound and sutures. Slim sanitary napkin should be used. Curd like discharge and vaginal itching may be observed as a result of vaginal yeast infection, possibly following taking the post operative antibiotics. So--you may be given medications for vaginal yeast infection.

Recovery period after the procedure

  • Recovery varies individually, within 1 day after the surgery, you can have movement around, but you should refrain from work and other daily activities in 2-3 days after the surgery.
  • Within 2-4 weeks after the surgery, the surgical wound does not heal well, you may do your daily activities gradually and energy-consuming physical activities should be limited.
  • Within 4-6 weeks after the surgery, you may start your usual activities, yet avoiding heavy activities and exercises.
  • After 6 weeks of the surgery, relaxing exercises and lifting light weights are permitted. However, you should refrain from running, soaking in bathtub, swimming, heavy lifting, cycling, other heavy activities and sexual intercourse for 8 weeks after the surgery.

The rate of post-surgical complications is low specially when laser is utilized by an experienced surgeon and you carefully and religiously follow our post-op policies. In the unlikely event of a post-op complication, you should immediately see Dr. Vitasna for early examination and treatment and prevent worsening of the complication.

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