FAQs for Hymenoplasty

FAQs for Hymenoplasty

Below you will find questions and answers based on our most frequently asked questions.

What Is My Hymen & Where Is It Located?

  • Your hymen is the thin piece of vaginal mucosa (membrane) that is runs across the lower part of your vagina. This membrane is tightly stretched.
  • The upper part of your vagina is not obstructed by the membrane so that, during menstruation, blood can freely pass through.

How Can My Hymen Tear?

  • Your hymen may tear when you participate in active sports such as gymnastics, horseback riding, or cycling. The use of tampons or an intense fall can also break your hymen.
  • When your fragile hymen is torn, you will notice some bleeding and/or pain.
  • In certain cultures and religions, a woman is expected to remain a virgin until she becomes married, meaning her hymen should still be intact.

Can My Hymen Be Restored?

  • Technically, yes, but its not really a restoration. Your hymen can be reconstructed, rather than restored.
  • Please understand that, in general, surgeons rarely perform this surgical procedure on women who have previously given birth.

What Does Hymenoplasty Entail?

  • Hymenoplasty is a very delicate and meticulous procedure that places the hymenal ring and tissues in close proximity to each other. The sections (usually the upper-layer of tissues) that have been torn are removed. After the torn tissues are removed, the remaining edges are stitched together. Doing so recreates a star-shaped hymenal ’ring’. This ring imitates the original hymenal structural before it was broken.
  •  The newly formed small ‘ring’ will continue to fuse together over time. Eventually, it will very closely resemble your original hymen. The hole will be quite small, therefore, after marriage or whatever the occasion may be, the tissue will tear and bleed as it did once before.
  • In certain cases, vaginal lip lining may be used to develop a new hymen. This lining contains a network of veins making it a suitable hymen replacement as it has the ability to bleed when torn.
  • Intravenous Sedation and a Local Anesthetic will be administered to a patient before surgery.

Are There Any Possible Complications?

  • Hymenoplasty is considered a fairly simple procedure and complications are rare, however, there can be a loss of sensation around the surgical area, bleeding, and/or infection.

How Long Does The Surgical Procedure Take?

  • This is a minor surgical procedure; in general, it takes about an hour to complete surgery. You may return to work the day after your operation.

What Can I Expect During The Recovery Period?

  • You will remain with us for 1 day. The swelling will begin to subside and your discomfort/pain will gradually decrease. Your physician may advise you to abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 to 6 months. It is important to wait until the surgical area has completely healed before attempting intercourse.

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

  • Recovery usually takes about two weeks, sometimes more. You may experience intense pain when engaging in sexual intercourse. As previously stated, you should wait at least 3 months before attempting intercourse. The surgical site must have fully healed.

What Can I Expect From This Surgery?

  • As a prospective patient, you can expect to gain a completely reconstructed hymen. You can also anticipate restored honor and/or reputation if your motives are culturally or religiously driven. Not matter what your reasoning, just know that it is possible to reconstruct your hymen.

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