Cosmetic Gynecology

Women now have the ability to improve their overall genital appearance and structural integrity by creating a natural-looking, younger, firmer vagina.

Cosmetic Gynecology

What is Cosmetic Gynecology?

COSMETIC GYNECOLOGY and VAGINAL REJUVENATION are among the more recent breakthroughs made in Cosmetic Surgery sector. Women now have the ability to improve their overall genital appearance and structural integrity by creating a natural-looking, younger, firmer vagina. More so, defects correlated with the aftermath of giving birth can be reconstructed, thus restoring tightness. Enhanced confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life are among the many perks a women can look forward after treatment.

Childbearing trauma, the aging process, and inherited abnormalities have an effect on more than just the cosmetic appearance of external female genitalia. They can easily cause negative sentiments or feelings like “being different” or “inadequate”.

Cosmetic gynecology is capable of generating a positive impact on both a women’s intimate bonds as well as her emotional state. Numerous patients, particularly women who have had children at a young age, tend to encounter the early-onset of vaginal relaxation.

Despite the fact that these women may not exhibit prominent symptoms such as increases in pressure, pain during sexual intercourse, or protrusions from the vagina, they have no hesitations when it comes to voicing their main concern; sexual intercourse no longer provides the same gratification it once did. These women consistently convey the same messages, notably “my vagina is too loose now”, “I notice there is less friction during sexual intercourse”, and “when I have sex, I just don’t feel it anymore”.

Woman’s Sexual Gratification

As reported by Masters and Johnson, the degree of a woman’s sexual gratification is directly correlated to the level of frictional forces produced during sexual intercourse. Most of these women credit their problems and difficulties to childbirth. Women who have developed these problematic conditions have the ability to compare their current sexual experiences to those of their past. Below, you will read some of the more common vocalizations expressed by patients in our Aesthetic Gynecology Center:

  • I can remember what “it used to feel like” before I had kids.
  • I just feel stretched-out and now “sex is just not the same”.
  • Now I can feel that there is less friction; “it takes me so much longer to have orgasms”.
  • Things have changed. “Now, I can’t ever reach climax”.

Adding to their problems, it appears a common trend has developed among Physicians and Gynecologists alike; whenever a woman mentions her “loosening” concerns, the common ‘prescribed’ remedy is Kegel Exercises; unfortunately, as affirmed by many afflicted women, these do NOT work. Regardless, many patients reveal that this is merely the only advice they receive during consultations. Sometimes, the “this is normal and should be accepted, as it is part of the aging process” line is uttered as the consultation concludes.

  • It's as if no one cares or wants to help women find real solutions Now, for you, things have changed.
  • A modest group of surgeons around the globe recognize obvious setbacks are presented when a women’s anatomy begins to “relax”. They know how to identify when a women is being afflicted by the symptoms of vaginal relaxation (whether a women is experiencing the first stages or is in the advanced phases).
  • The possibility of a highly-intimate makeover provides women with life-altering options and choices to make. A women can enrich her sexual well-being simply by restoring vaginal muscle tone, definition, control, and overall cosmetic appearance.

These types of modern procedures are available in the Yanhee cosmetic Gynecology Center of Bangkok, Thailand—The Best Intimate Beauty Center .

Vitasna Ketglang M.D. is a board-certified gynecologist. She carefully performs these surgical procedures within one of Thailand’s elite, Joint Commission International Accredited hospitals.

  • Schedule your Vulvovaginal Rejuvenation consultation today and take advantage, once again, of a fulfilling, happy, and well-balanced life. These elective outpatient procedures should only be performed by highly-qualified specialists who can ensure your safety and well-being.
  • A comprehensive consultation is conducted to screen and educate patients. Before a final decision is made, a women is provided with enough information to conclude whether a procedure is right for her or not. She is informed of the potential risks, possible complications, and the ultimate benefits intertwined within the proposed procedure(s). Dr. Vitasna is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide guidance accordingly.
  • As with any surgery performed in Yanhee International Hospital, a patient who chooses to undergo aesthetic gynecological procedures can only do so after medical clearance has been issued. Any medical tests that your doctor may require will be performed within the hospital. Patient safety is truly our number one concern.

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