Cosmetic, Exclusive - Vulvar Liposculpting, Trend or Choice?


Cosmetic, Exclusive - Vulvar Liposculpting, Trend or Choice?

As a female, ignoring a certain beauty issue is never possible. Of course, it is widely accepted to pay special attention to becoming conscientiously good-looking from head to toe – clothing, face, hair style, and breast augmentation and nose lift , but still many wonder if it is a new trend in surgery or not.

Responding to such notion, Dr.Vitasna Ketglang, the over 12-year experienced and skilled specialist from Cosmetic Gynecology Center, Yanhee International Hospital, says that 3,000 out of 6,000 women have come in for labiaplasty.

 Most of the cases have come with varied concerns such as asymmetry and excessive skin, darkened excessive skin, pain during sexual intercourse caused by too much skin, pain while wearing underwear caused by too much skin, bad smell caused by yeast infection, sensitivity to sanitary napkin and lack of confidence even irrespective of gorgeous appearance, and so on.

Labia majora and Labia Minoraplasty are a global surgical trend being long-initiated yet unpopular due to the reason of embarrassment. Consequently, the related information has to be disseminated to the public to understand the surgery better rather than entrusting your own body to an inexperienced physician and possibly causing unexpected complications and difficulty regarding corrective treatments.    

Treatment Procedure

  1. Educating patients during the consultation about the specific surgical procedure that they want is very important for them to know what to expect before making a decision.
  2. Inquiring about the patients’ Health History especially those with congenital diseases and underlying medical problems for patients ages 20 or above.
  3. Prospective patients are required not to eat or drink 6 hours prior to treatment/surgery.
  4. Twilight anesthesia and local anesthetic (on the treated area) are administered, during the surgery (possibly also with the Reduction of Clitoral hood in case of the Labiaminoraplasty), and stitching back the wound with absorbable sutures.

At present, interested patients are offered another choice of the superb beauty, laser surgery, the advantages of which are less scarring, less tissue damage, and less faster recovery. Generally, procedure takes 1-1.5 hour to perform and 1 hour for post-operative monitoring. It takes 2-3 days for home recovery, then 1 week later having the wound first checked by the physician and second checked in approximately 2 weeks later. Sexual intercourse will be resumed in approximately 1 month later.

Side Effect

The absorbable suture with protein element may cause some itchiness in the first 2-4 weeks after the operation, which can be relieved by antihistamine pills. 


Normal surgery

  • Labia Minora Reduction= 30,000 THB
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction = 30,000 THB
  • Labia Majora Reduction = 50,000 THB

Laser surgery

  • Labia Minora Reduction= 66,000 THB
  • Clitoral Hood Reduction = 66,000 THB
  • Labia majora reduction = 100,000 THB

Dr.Vitasna Ketglang, a specialist from Cosmetic Gynecology Center, Yanhee International Hospital, says that mostly more and more foreign patients have recently come in for the Labiaplasty procedures. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy they gain a lot of weight, but after delivery they lose their weight and when they go back to their normal weight, resulting to wrinkling in the labia majora.  Also, women regularly wear tight clothes but do not like their pubis to bulge, so they come in for the liposuction in the upper Labia Majora to make it smaller. Unlike Thai women who want their mons to be fleshy; however, Thai women walk in to remove the wrinkling on the Labia Majora as well.

Expert says: If none of these do not annoy you or does not cause any irritation, a surgery is not needed; except if it makes you upset or affect your daily life and sexual relationship, you should not hesitate to get the consultation from a specialist for proper suggestions before making a decision.

 Cosmetic/Exclusive/Thanks to: Cosmetic Gynecology Center, Yanhee International Hospital 


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