New Trend, G-Spot Augmentation for Desirable Sex?


New Trend, G-Spot Augmentation for Desirable Sex?


Satisfying sex is what all couples desire. Although some may say that sex is not the most important thing, it cannot be denied that it is the fulfillment for the married life.

Many may have heard about a new trend of American women to have injected filler around the area of G-SPOT to make it enlarged and curved to increase the feeling and friction during sexual intercourse.

Many may wonder if or not the filler for facial wrinkle or nose can be used with that area, the most sensitive area of a woman’s body. Besides, some may even not know what G-Spot is, if it will work, and, most importantly, if it is dangerous.

So we will clearly be informed by Dr.Vitasna Ketglang, the specialist from Aesthetic Gynecology Center, Yanhee General Hospital.

What is G-Spot (Grafenburg Spot)?

“G-Spot” was found by a German obstetrician Dr. Grafenburg. It is the area around the upper vaginal wall, approximately 5.8-7.4 cm deep from perineum (variable). The G-Spot is not around the vaginal wall, but around 1 cm deeper.

This is, apart from clitoris, one of the most sensitive areas in the vagina during sexual intercourse. Stimulated and touched, it becomes increased in size, which is one of the sensitive areas for women to reach their orgasm (sexual climax).

G-Shot (G-Spot Amplification)

G-Shot is to inject an amount of filler into the area of the G-Spot in order to let it get enlarged and curved, intended for more feeling and friction during sexual intercourse and more stimulated for sexual pleasure.

The word “G-Shot” was established in 2004 by an American physician David Matlock, well-known as an expert in Vaginal Rejuvenation (G-Shot is a trade name with the legal copyright reserved). The physician has initiated this method for the treatment of stress urinary incontinence (involuntary loss of urine while coughing and sneezing).

In this case(stress urinary incontinence), the physician normally performs the treatment by filling a quantity of collagen to close the urethral area for continence. This concept has been applied to the filling around the G-Spot area. This is helpful for the women with loose vagina, such as after pregnancy and delivery, resulting to lack of sexual pleasure, the G-Spot cannot be fully felt and not to reach the orgasm, thus leads to marital separation.

Treatment Procedure

  • Potential patients have to be provided with a consultation by the physician to collect personal background, problem, and cause, in the event that they used to have a lot of sexual pleasure. This has recently changed; in addition to the condition of the loosened vagina, some factors have to be considered, such as stress, frustration with her husband, drug, certain diseases, and others.
  • Fundamental and internal examination is needed to make sure that there are no vaginal abnormalities, such as tumor. If everything is normal after the internal examination, the physician palpates the vaginal area of the patient to try to check for the G-Spot and its proper position. (Most patients recognize the position; in case the physician does not find it or is not sure about the G-Spot position, Dr.Vitasna will not perform the filling, because probably the patient does have the G-Spot, referring to some studies.)
  • With the G-Spot position, local anesthesia will be injected to that area with a tiny syringe in order to avoid a subsequent pain from the filling.
  • The filling around that area is done at the depth of approximately 2-3 mm (not over half a centimeter), with 1-inch diameter and the height of 0.5 inch.


  •  The G-Spot area will become fuller and rounded, therefore resulting to a more pleasurable feeling and experience during sexual intercourse. 


  •  This method is suitable for patients with unsatisfactory sexual function. However, it is not recommended for those who have psychological problems, sexual dysfunction, congenital illnesses and underlying medical problems, such as diabetes, possibly causing vaginal infection or inflammation, and heart attack.

 Pros & Cons

  • A satisfactory outcome will result to an improved marital relationship. Nonetheless, with this treatment method, an inexperienced physician cannot ensure 100% satisfactory result; he/she probably performs the filling too deeply, affecting the adjacent organs, such as urethra and others. Normally, the filler lasts temporarily (4-6 months), a repeated treatment may be necessary.


  • Approximately 40,000 THB/time


Expert says: Dr. Vitasna Ketglang, a specialist from Cosmetic Gynecology Center, Yanhee International Hospital, says that this treatment method is an alternative to improving the relationship between the potential patients and her spouse. In other words, this can contribute to increased sexual pleasure, increased confidence, or increased sexual arousal. It is true that sex activities are not the most important, but the pleasure with a partner can better sustain the relationship. Actually, this problem is not a shameful issue, which can be solved simply by discussing with a partner to come to a better understanding.

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