Fixing The Wide Vagina


Fixing The Wide Vagina

During the birthing process, vaginal integrity is affected by support structure, perineum muscle, and vaginal tears. Commonly, vaginal widening is caused by aging, vaginal wall stretching, perineal tears, and various intimate traumas.

These factors create a 'loose' or 'wide' feeling vagina and can lead to urinary incontinence, painful sexual intercourse, diminished self-esteem, and the loss of sexual gratification. Dr.  Vitasna performs these minimally invasive procedures with the intent of restoring 'The Wide Vagina', enhancing sexual pleasure, and improving the self-esteem and well-being of women.

Dr. Adam Ostrzenski endorses 2 particular Vaginal Rejuvenation/Reconstruction procedures:

1) Site Specific Defect Reconstruction (SSDR):

  • SSDR procedures are designed to repair specific vaginal structures. These include the perineum, the vaginal opening, and the anterior (upper)/posterior (lower) walls of the vagina. When these structures are damaged, what women call 'The Wide Vagina' appears.
  • SSDR procedures are capable of reconstructing and/or fortifying vaginal and perineal muscles. When these muscles are repaired, structure function can be regained and/or improved.

2) Vaginal Rugae Rejuvenation (VRR):

  • Having children, hormone imbalances, and sexual intercourse are some of the factors that influence a woman's vaginal structures and vaginal rugae.
  • These influences often times lead to decreased sexual gratification, vaginal firmness, and vaginal rugae.
  • Often times, VRR is performed at the same time as SSDR as they complimentary procedures.
  • Rugae (vaginal ridges) determine the amount of feeling or sensation a woman and her partner feel during sexual intercourse. Rugae produce friction during intercourse, thus resulting in pleasure.
  • VRR aims to tighten the vagina as well as restore vaginal rugae.
  • Only highly-trained, experienced, and proven surgeons should be performing these modern, delicate vaginal procedures.
  • Dr. Vitasna is specialized in both SSDR and VRR and performs both procedures on a regular basis.

 Note: Prof. Adam Ostrzenski, M.D., Ph.D., is an internationally recognized gynecologic surgeon, guest speaker, professor, and researcher from the United States of America. He has received national and international awards and accolades for his advancements, contributions, and dedication to women's health. He has also developed aesthetic/reconstructive female surgeries and continues to improve surgical procedures and techniques.

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